Tuesday, April 19, 2011

God's Grace in Planting Raspberries

Last week I was brimming with excitement. The raspberries that I had researched and thought about and eventually purchased on-line were coming in the mail. From Maine (or was it Massachusetts?)! Yes, I purchased bare root canes of a variety called Polana and I was bound and determined that these little bare-root-nothing-to-them plants were going to make it.

You see, I've failed. And failed miserably in the area of raspberries. I've wanted them so long and have tried planting them a few times before. In fact a couple of years ago, I spotted a raspberry plant on clearance and planted it. Oh was I excited when I got it to grow! And then last year, we had berries! Only they weren't that sweet. Or at least they weren't until I let them turn a dark, dark color - yep - my "raspberry" plant really was a blackberry. Sigh. No wonder it's growth habit was different than what all the books were telling me it was supposed to be like!

So this time, I was going to do everything right. First, I decided what kind of raspberry to get (summer or ever bearing - I chose ever bearing). Then I picked a variety that would do well here and give me the kind of crop I wanted. Then I researched companies to see who would actually sell me a plant that was really going to survive (this is a crucial step!). On Monday, I got the e-mail that they were on their way, so I busily prepared the area for them. I took out all the grass that had crept in, put in a better grass barrier, added compost and tilled it all in. I was ready to go.

Wednesday dawned and I knew God was looking out for me. The weather was perfect, ideal weather to be working outside. But it gradually became warmer and warmer. And then I started fretting about it being TOO sunny and TOO hot - that the roots would dry out and then they would be goners (again, this is from the research that I had done). So I (read I) prepared myself for making sure everything was perfect - a bucket of water handy to go, so they could soak as I quickly dug the trench. I had looked at the forecast; the weather was supposed to turn really nasty the next day - cold, windy, and wet. Planting had to happen on Wednesday.

But the day drug on. No Fed Ex truck was in sight. I carried on with what I needed to do. It was about time to start supper and I had been doing other yard chores as I waited. Then, the sky gently clouded over. The temperature slightly dropped. The wind died down completely. And the Fed Ex truck pulled in front of our house. Quickly, I got the raspberries, and planted them per the instructions of the company. After I had them watered the sun broke out in full force and it warmed right back up.

You see I WAS prepared. BUT God, in His grace, even amongst the dumb, lame things of my life, provided for me abundantly in His timing. I was ready and He provided the ideal situation (the Fed Ex truck coming just as it cooled down and clouded up) in which to plant these things that for some silly reason, I really wanted. My timing would have had that truck come way earlier, even in the heat of the day and I would have planted those raspberries as I fretted about the sun and warm wind. You see, He knows my wants and my needs and He's sovereign over all the mundane and exciting situations and timings in my life. I find it thrilling to have a God that cares about me (and you) that much. I found myself saying Jehovah-jireh - the LORD provides...

Oh, and I hope to post about all the yummy raspberries I'm going to get this or next year, late summer.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Menu Plan Monday 4/4/11

April is here! Warmer weather is here! Yea!

Last Friday with the knowledge that some rain was expected this weekend, I was able to plant turnips and onions (after I tilled in some compost). Then on Saturday, I planted some Kennebec potatoes along the west side of the house. We'll see how they do there since it only gets full sun from about noon on in the summer - and then it is a HOT afternoon sun. I'm still hoping to get another bed on the east side of the house done but it looks like the cable company is going to be digging there anyway due to something being broke underground (which I could care less about since it hasn't affected any of our television. I'm hoping a small retaining wall that's over the cable line remains intact. I'll wait until they are done and see what needs to be done.

Here's this week's menu:

Monday: Shrimp Scampi with Whole Wheat Angel Hair Pasta & Salad
Tuesday: Aussie Chicken & Roasted Asparagus
Wednesday: Fish Sandwiches, Veggies with Dip, & Chips
Thursday: Beef Enchiladas with Red Sauce, Beans, Chips and Salsa
Friday: Caribbean Jerk Roast Pork Loin, Sweet Potatoes, Salad