Monday, September 22, 2008

Menu Plan Monday 9/22/08

Time to share the menu plan for this week! I have to admit, it was a hard week to come up with an interesting menu to share as the sales flyers were not at their best in my book. You can read that to say, not much was on sale that I really would like to buy. Meat seemed ultra expensive but maybe that's where we are at in these economic times? However, at orgjunkie's site, it is family favorites week so I was able to throw in some of our family favorites: stuffed pork chops (recipe to follow plan) and grilled salmon with orange cilantro rice.

Monday: Stuffed Pork Chops, Dressing, & Dilled Baby Carrots
Tuesday: Michelle's Coconut Curry Chicken
Wednesday: Spinach Stuffed Rigatoni & Salad (seasonal item at Aldi's - $2.99)
Thursday: Crispy Baked Chicken Quarters & Butternut Squash Risotto
Friday: Grilled Salmon with Pear Salsa, Orange Cilantro Rice
Saturday: Denver Omelet Quiche

Stuffed Pork Chops:

Quite simply, I take some stuffing mix (I usually use the cheap store brand chicken flavored ones) and add around 1/4 cup diced onion, 1/3 cup diced celery, & half an apple diced. Then I add either melted butter, olive oil, or apple sauce (or combination of the three) and chicken broth until it is the consistency I want it. Then I take the chop and make a incision on the side to make a little "pocket." Widen the pocket with my finger and take a Tbl or so of the stuffing mix and put it in - you can close with a toothpick but I don't know if it is totally necessary. Then I season the outside with salt & pepper and brown in some butter. Then I pop it in the oven, covered until done with some chicken broth in the pan. Or you could put the rest of the stuffing on the bottom of a baking dish and put the chops on them. That's it!


Jen Clark said...

oooohhh...that is totally my kind of menu!! everything sounds positively delish!!! can't wait to see some recipes and try them in a couple weeks!! thanks for sharing!rzyaha

Anonymous said...

Everything sounds really good! Looking forward to the stuffed pork chops recipe.

Org Junkie said...