Monday, June 8, 2009

Menu Plan Monday 6/8/09 & The Competition

Well it is Monday! Again! Time to whip out the ole menu plan (or pull it up on the Google calendar application I use) and post it here for all the world to see. I hope it gives you all some ideas!

Monday: Garlic Cheddar Chicken, Mashed Potatoes & Dilled Peas
Tuesday: Mango-licious Tilapia, Cous Cous & Fruit
Wednesday: Teriyaki Chicken, Rice, & Spinach Salad
Thursday: Cerveza Lime Pork Chops, Southwest Pasta Salad
Friday: Grilled Cheeseburgers & Chips & Fruit

I am a week away from competing in King Arthur's Festival of Breads competition. So time to really get serious and figure out how I'm going to display my bread for the judges. That, of course, meant it was time to shop this past week. I went to Michael's to look for a basket. Nothing that was right was there. Then I went to Pier 1. There I found a basket I liked but - yesh! - I'm cheap and wasn't paying the price they were asking. Finally, I ended up a Gordman's and found a basket that is JUST the right size and while I was there I got some red and white striped kitchen towels to line the basket with. What do you think? I will slice the two loaves and display them like this (see below picture). I only have about 1/2 of one loaf left of the last batch I made but I think this will give you a good idea of what I'm looking at presenting.


Amy said...

Looks great! That sounds like a fun competition. Let us know how it goes...

Wanda said...

Good Luck

Sara Mae said...

Looks great I like the red with the bread - Mmmm...I think I'm hungry!