Monday, August 1, 2011

The Tomato Florida Weave

Sounds like a great dance, huh? Or maybe a really red hair accessory? Nope! It is the way I've been staking my tomatoes for a couple of years. This year I've fallen in love with it!

So here is how you do it. You'll need:

6 foot t-posts
6 foot 1x2 wooden stakes
Twine (I prefer sisal, but there is such a thing as tomato rope out there)
Tomato plants (at least 4 - if you have less, another strategy might be more effective?)

Pound in the 6 foot t-posts at the end of your tomato rows. Every two tomato plants, drive a 6 foot 1x2 wooden stake. When you tomato plants are a little over a foot tall, start weaving!

You tie the twine to the t-post, and run it along one side of the tomato plants. When you get to the wooden stake, go around it several times, making sure your twine it taunt. Go along the next set of tomato plants on the same side as the previous set of plants. When you get to the end of the row, go around the t-post - making sure the twine is again very taunt, and do the same thing only going around the other side of the plants. To end, tie the twine on the beginning t-post. As the plants grow, you keep adding lengths of twine higher up on the posts. Sometimes I tuck in the growing branches to already strung twine.

Anyway, here are some pictures of how it looks in late July!

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