Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Sage Harvest

This year I started a bunch of sage plants from seeds. They are a perennial here and I think the gray-green foliage is pretty. I also like sage. Sage is delicious paired with pork and with another favorite garden produce item - butternut squash. Mmmmm....sage scented butternut squash soup - delicious!

So anyway, winter IS coming. It has already made it's presence felt a few days this fall. So I harvested some sage. All I did was place it on a cookie cooling rack. Then I left it in an out of the way spot (in this house, that means up HIGH!). After a few weeks I needed the cookie rack so I checked on it. Yep, it was dry! So then what was I to do?

I figured that I would one of my presents from birthdays past. This time it was a molcajete or in normal speak - mortar and pestle. It did the job fantastically and the product looks so much better than the dried rubbed sage I buy at the store.



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