Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Spring! And This Week's Menu

The vernal equinox has occurred and it is now officially spring. Yesterday, I went out into the yard and bemoaned all the work I have to do. Well, not really because I love working outside. Have you ever found that you need to learn to enjoy the process as much as the result? It's kinda like the saying "Life is in the journey, not just the destination."

Here's what going on in my spring garden. In my cold frames, I have bok choi, Little Gem lettuce, spinach and cilantro. The spinach and cilantro are both overwintered. Also, the garlic I planted last fall is about 6 or 8 inches up now. Downstairs in my seed starting area, I have more lettuce and bok choi that's almost ready to be hardened off as well as violas. Planted but not fully germinated is my four different types of peppers: California Wonder, Anaheim, Serrano and Jalapenos. Today or tomorrow, I'll start my tomatoes and petunias, maybe some culinary sage and then in a week, some basil.

Soon, I'll plant my onion sets (red and yellow), peas, radishes, turnips and some beets directly in the garden. I don't like beets but I got some seed free with an order - maybe the kids will like it? This is my first year for planting turnips. I've dreams of them roasted while still young with olive oil and rosemary. Mmmmmm......I think it sounds good!

There are tons of other duties to do - like cutting (or I should say mowing) down the ornamental grasses, digging the grass out of the beds and hopefully installing a brick edging around the same perennial beds. I also would like to put in another bed on the east side of the house - I'm thinking it would be a good place for some extra vegetables.

But it's windy as all get out and the rain is drizzling so none of the outside stuff is going to happen today and that's okay. The more I think about it, the more motivated I'll become.

So, here's this week's menu!

Monday: Roasted Chicken Breast with Roasted Asparagus and Mushroom Risotto
Tuesday: Sauteed Pork Chops, Apple, Onion & Celery Dressing, and Green Beans
Wednesday: Chicken Tortilla Soup (with Monday's left over chicken)
Thursday: Baked Fleishkuechle, Dilled Carrots & Roasted Potatoes
Friday: Pizza & Salad

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