Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Another Gadget To Love

I bring to you the Lemon Squeezer (or as I usually use it - Lime Squeezer!).

I picked this up at T.J. Max at a fraction of what they sell them for on Amazon.com but you can get it there too. I've always just used a fork or my hands to juice my lemons and limes. Well, no more! I used this yesterday for the first time. I had to juice some limes for last night's meal - Tom Kai Ga and for today's marinade for the fajitas I'm making. This little gadget made quick work of time limes saving me a few minutes of squeezing every last drop out of the lime. If you use lots of limes and lemons (and there are even bigger ones for oranges & grapefruit) then I suggest you get one of these.

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