Thursday, March 5, 2009

My Newest Apron

I had a good time sewing this apron and it cost me a dollar! And that was for the pattern (Simplicity). I can't sew very well so I still need a pattern to go off of but I think if you had some modicum of talent, you could do this without one. It was a pair of jeans from college - you know - one's that weren't straight legged but instead, slightly tapered? Yep, this is a much better look for them. :) I love aprons! Especially because I don't love laundry. So this, to me, is another helpful kitchen "gadget."


Amy said...

Very cool! Nice way to use those old jeans :)

Wanda said...

NICE!! The problem with me and aprons is that they don't wrap completely around to my backside-where I usually wipe my hands quite often.